What to do if you know an Angel.

We often don’t recognise Angels because they look just like regular human beings. The friend who drops everything to help someone in pain. The guy who pulls over on the side of the road to change a stranger’s tyre. These souls care deeply about other people, animals, nature. They smile at us out of human bodies, but their hearts are made of Angelic stuff.

Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that nine times out of ten, these beautiful souls completely abandon themselves. They have no idea what their own needs are. Sometimes they have no concept of self except how it relates to others. They certainly don’t realise they are Angels. I’m a nurse, teacher, mother, brother, friend, volunteer, partner, carer.


They give, and give, even when they’re running on empty.

I have a friend who, due to a medical condition, is in almost constant pain, and yet she is always reaching out to her friends to make sure they’re okay. She’s an angel. I know volunteers who don’t have an off  switch. They are saving everyone around them, but take nothing for themselves. Angels.

This blog post was going to be addressed to those wonderful souls. I was going to write something along the lines of…

If you’re caring for everyone, and everyone is looking after themselves, then who is there for you? Maybe it’s time to start giving back to yourself.

But let’s face it the givers, the carers, the supporters, the lovers, the Angels amongst us, they will continue to give, care, support and love. Because that’s who they are. That’s what they do.


So, I decided to write this post for everyone who knows one of these lovely souls and wanted to suggest that we turn the tables today. Let’s support the supporters, love the lovers, care for the carers. Let’s hold out our hands, lend our ears, offer our support, and be there for those who are always there for us.

Let us be the Angels today.


Angels walk among us,

Sometimes the only thing we may not see are the wings upon their backs.

Molly Friedenfeld



4 thoughts on “What to do if you know an Angel.”

  1. You are definitely one of the Angels I’m referring to, Danae. A beautiful heart. A wise friend. A talented writer. Treasure yourself. You’re precious. 💖


  2. Hello friend! This is absolutely true! Im an empath myself and having it hard to draw some lines because when i do , people get disappointed and then i get disappointed.
    What a lovely site !
    Please share more with us! 🎈🎀✨

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  3. Beautiful. True.
    Sadly, some people only appear to be angels and are linked to others who have evil intentions, in which case, those if us who love angels and who have been smashed to pieces within an inch of life, have to make a decision and sacrifice our love for a beloved by disconnecting the line because we have been deceived.
    This is heartbreaking.
    Satan masquerades as an Angel of light.
    I guess it’s preventative against milk fever.

    “Tears on the letter I write…” (Bob Dylan).

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    1. That is true. And sad. Some devils do good impersonations. But over time, they reveal themselves. Always. I hope your heart heals and only Angels surround you from this day forward 💖


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