Milk Fever

I buried my mother in the back paddock earlier this morning, before my dad was up, before the sun had appeared over the back of the milking sheds, with a stand of magpies watching. I chose this particular resting place because no one ever goes there and I didn’t want her to be disturbed. The lopsided square of land is filled with rusting farm equipment and thousands of bubble-holed rocks that push out of the earth like dinosaur eggs. It is the closest thing we have to a cemetery, and the thought gives me some comfort. Shooter, our old cattle dog is buried nearby, so at least she’ll have company….

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Written with skill and sensitivity. A high class debut from a gifted writer.” – South Coast Register

“Lisa Reece-Lane’s prose is elegant and well-considered.”

– The Age

“Beautiful, beautiful writing. 5 out of 5 stars.”

– The Blurb

“An absorbing debut.”


“Definitely one to curl up with on the couch during the colder months.”

Frankston Independent.

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