You might not know this but you saved the world.

Love to the misfits, those who feel out place, the poets, artists, musicians and writers, truth seekers, deep sea divers of life, philosophers, the lost and lonely, knights and goddesses of the light, those who have a kind word when all around them is hate.

Love to the volunteers, the teachers, the exhausted parents, those holding a flame through the cold, dark nights. The healers, the carers. Those who say hello to new life arriving. And those who say goodbye. Smiling eyes, gentle hands.

Love to those who risk their lives for strangers and do the often thankless work, who wonder why they bother, but still do. Those who maintain order with integrity, who try to be see beyond the external. Who treat all souls with respect.

Love to those who work at jobs they hate to feed the mouths they love. Bodies worn down by hard labour, putting one step in front of the other when they really need to rest. The tireless workers, the ones who toil through the lonely nights and the grinding of days to keep the lights on and the machinery turning.

Love to the supporters, the ones who praise and cheer, the encouragers. Those who offer a smile or a hand to someone in the gutter rather than tread on that soul’s back. Those who refuse to judge, who can place themselves in another’s shoes and maintain a soft heart. Love to all of you who continue to love when the world is chanting, hate! Those who forgive when the world calls, attack.

You might feel like a tiny speck of light on a vast impersonal ocean. But you met my eyes once, a stranger across a room, and your smile brightened my whole day. Your encouragement changed a child’s life. Your kind action led to another kind action that made a stranger step away from the ledge. You’ve have changed lives. You have saved lives. You have created ripples with loving edges you will never see, or know about.

Your words and actions have the power to alter the spin of this planet. One tiny positive ripple flowing out into eternity. Your love is never wasted.

You brighten this world.

You matter. We love you.

Thank you.


Something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing

can cause a typhoon on the other side of the planet

– Chaos Theory