The world reflected

The whole world resides within. The beauty and the violence.

All of the pain, out there in the world, lives quietly inside us, waiting for acknowledgment and healing.

We see ourselves projected and reflected onto a worldwide screen and the mirror cracks along the paths of our sadness and rage. What hope do we have except through the warmth of our collective heart?

Let us have understanding for those who have fallen into darkness. For no one hurts, who is not hurting, and no amount of revenge will balance the scales of hate.

At some point we need to stop. Take a deep breath, and do the opposite of what habit dictates. We need to love in return.

The world is a mirror, forever reflecting what you are doing, within yourself.

Neville Goddard

We might not stop a war today. We probably can’t eradicate crime or cruelty tomorrow.

But we can transform our own little corner of the world. And that is the best place to start. One kindness at a time.

On a personal level, we can chose to let the road raging driver go. Wish them a safe journey in our thoughts instead of leaning on the horn. We can refrain from leaving a nasty comment on social media when someone posts something we don’t like. We can offer a kind word of encouragement to our loved ones, instead of attempting to control them with judgement.

It’s easy to feel that nothing we do has any effect on the world around us. But like a tiny stone, dropped into a huge lake, words and actions travel further than we can see. Let our ripples be made of love and kindness today.

The understanding and compassion we extend to others, is ultimately love we give ourselves.

heart shape multicolored stand

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

– Rumi

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