Please don’t go

Lines and curves on paper and sounds in the air, can never hope to express how passionately I feel about your existence. Sometimes, I could break into pieces at the thought of you leaving. Not so much leaving, but leaving because you think no one cares, or no one would miss you. Dear God, not… Continue reading Please don’t go

The world is nothing without you

How on earth did you reach the conclusion that you don't matter? That no one cares? Perhaps you feel like an infinitesimally small drop of matter in a vast, swirling sea of humanity. Especially when you look at all the others, living busy lives. All of the noise. The drowning colour and light. The sparkle… Continue reading The world is nothing without you

Whose life are you living?

I have a confession to make. I believe in strange things. I believe in unseen worlds, in ancient secrets, in life beyond the senses. Always have, and probably always will. Over the years, I've learnt to keep most of these beliefs to myself so that friends and family don't feel too uncomfortable. From an early… Continue reading Whose life are you living?