Whose life are you living?

I have a confession to make. I believe in strange things. I believe in unseen worlds, in ancient secrets, in life beyond the senses. Always have, and probably always will. Over the years, I’ve learnt to keep most of these beliefs to myself so that friends and family don’t feel too uncomfortable.

From an early age though, my past lifetimes were crystal clear in my memory. I’d meet someone for the first time and remember their name, gender and life details from centuries ago. Some of these people had changed a lot. I was proud of the way they’d given up violent ways and become better people. Some others hadn’t changed much at all.


We tend to hang out with the same souls a lot, and repeat the same patterns over and over again until we learn the lesson – which, nine times out of ten, is forgiveness and understanding. That feeling of recognition, love or distrust, we experience on first meeting has its roots in our past connections (keep in mind, souls can change so first impression might not be still valid.)

Talents mastered in past lifetimes become stronger. Some of my creative friends, haven’t just worked hard this life time to master their craft, but many, many lifetimes. That’s why some of them make it look so easy.


The reason for this post is to shine a light on our existence here. It’s easy to get caught up in the mundane grind of life. To work, pay bills, eat meals, waste hours on social media etc and not really… well, live.

This behaviour comes from a deep-seated fear that we only have one shot at life. If we get it wrong, we’re screwed. When we’re young we dream big, but if we haven’t achieved that dream by a certain age, we throw up are hands and quit. I’ve probably only got twenty years left, what’s the point.

Consequently, a lot of us carry a deep seated fear of getting it wrong or making mistakes. We play it small, and safe. Risk nothing. Our new goal becomes making it to grave without a scratch, like our resale value might be higher if we don’t live too much or get too much wear and tear on our souls.


You only live once, is misleading. We don’t only live once. We live constantly. In fact, there is no death. Just a beautiful flow of life, like a breath, or an ocean. In and out, never ending.

The problem is not that we only have one crack at life, but that we live the same life over and over again. Never changing. We carry our baggage with us and blame others for our problems. We are hamsters on a karmic wheel.

So, today I’m inviting you to ask this question:

Whose life am I living?

Have you listened to the external world to tell you how to live and who you should be? Or do you seek answers from the quiet place inside your own heart? Do you listen to the whispers from your soul?

Always dreamed of playing the piano, writing a book, scaling Everest? Do it. The excuse, ‘I’m too old to start,’ is redundant. The older you are, the younger you are, because you’re closer to rebirth. Go out and get some scratches. Stretch out your wings.

Develop skills to carry into the next life.

And the one after that.

Most of all, live your own life.


It is nothing to die. It is frightful not to live.
– Victor Hugo

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